Important Tips for Homeowners

  1.  Get 3 bids from different Contractors when pursuing a project.
  2. When getting bids from different contractors, make sure that each contractor is bidding the same scope of work.  A good contractor will offer you other “Idea’s”.  Ask him to bid the same scope of work for now because you’re doing apples to apples comparisons right now, not apples to plums.
  3. After receiving the bids from all 3 contractors, the contractor you choose then can move forward with developing changes and ideas based off of your other bids.
  4. When picking a contractor try and pick the same size company for each bid.  If one of the contractors bidding is a very large company, then that one bid will have added expenses for a very large overhead.  Ask the contractor what is their hourly rate of pay.
  5. Always have a contract for the scope of work that is or will be performed in advance.  In the contract should have square footage, linear footage, fasteners, flooring type, siding type, cabinets, etc…
  6. Also, in the contract in some cases make sure it is mentioned about manufacturers warranties.  Such as for roofing manufacturers warranty on shingles, they require 4 nails per shingle some months and colder months may require 6 nails per shingle.  Also, materials that expand and contract with season change and so on.
  7. Contractor should have Company Insurance whether it’s a one man operation or 100, they should have insurance of at least $1,000,000 coverage, and if they have worker’s they should carry Workman’s Comp insurance as well.  If a contractor does not have these two type’s of insurance then you might as well just give them the keys to your front door.
  8. If your scope of work requires a building permit from the Village or City you live in, make sure your contractor hires only licensed people to do that scope of the project.  If not, the local municipality’s inspectors could have big fines in place or require you to tear out that part of the project.
  9. These are all Good Reason’s to have a good, reputable General Contractor, or Contractor who know’s what they are doing.  So cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better.
  10. When a contractor is performing work at your home or place of business it is important to keep children, animals, toys, clothes, etc. out of the way because the last thing anybody wants is to see someone or an animal get hurt.  Do these things and you will have a long lasting relationship with your contractor, not to mention a smooth running project or projects.


American National Restorations, Inc.